Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Parents Ask Community for Input Against Drilling Near School

A message from the Frontier Parent Group. Receive  their Instruction Letter Action Alert with more information by emailing:  fpg.parentgroup@gmail.com 

Please help us to protect our school and our community...

Our children deserve a safe, healthy, noise and pollutant free

 environment to study and learn!

"The new Mineral Resources proposal [to drill near Frontier Academy] is for 19 wells, 20 tanks and 19 separators. Plans show the site to be 1,512 ft from the school building and a little over 1,000 ft from the playground. On 6/16/14 Mineral Resources filed a location assessment permit (form 2a) with the COGCC – Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. This file is being reviewed by COGCC and is currently open for public comment.

We are asking parents, concerned community members, grandparents, local business owners, people who shop at local businesses (the proposed well site is 586 ft away from Walmart), anyone concerned, to VOICE their CONCERNS to COGCC via their online comment form.

The only way we will be able to be effective is if people show their involvement and worries for this location. Please, if you have any concerns with this location, now is the time to voice it! Your comment will become part of the public record of the application. Your name and e-mail address, if entered, will not be visible to other public users.

The deadline for comment is July 28.

Click on South Greeley Directional File # 400604803 to access it. After a few seconds you will be redirected to the correct page, then click on comment on the right, and then New Comment to add your own.

On 7/1/14 Mineral Resources filed for the USR (Use by Special Review) with the City of Greeley. The file is under review and a hearing date will be determined.

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  1. Oil rigs. A metaphorical phallic symbol.

    Look at us. Watch us as we rape you of your natural resources.
    With our money, we pay off whoever we need to, to do this.
    We light them up at night even when nobody is working.
    See us. Watch us while we rape your land.
    Go for a drive in the country side, there is thousands of us.
    We harvest so much gas that we even have some places that we burn off excess.
    Tens of thousands of cubic feet of excess. It flames up in a towering inferno.
    Sometimes 30 feet high and burns for several days straight.
    It's not good enough for us to keep so we burn it.
    We incinerate all of it into your surrounding airspace.
    If other people wanted to take it for free, we'd still burn it.
    We don't pay people to analyze safety and environmental impact.
    Not that we couldn't afford it. But some of it might not be safe.
    Then we couldn't do it next to your schools and neighborhoods.
    When we are done here we will pack up and leave. We will leave you nothing but broken, barren land.
    The people do not speak out against us because we keep our issues under the radar.
    Besides, you slaves are stuck working all day, we know you won't take time to stand against us.