Saturday, January 11, 2014

Almost Half of 1000 Spills Contaminated Groundwater.

Interview with Shane Davis, published on Oct 1, 2013

"Shane is a nationally recognized expert data-miner and analyzer of official oil and gas documents. He publishes expose` documents that bring to light the truth about extractive mining that uses hydraulic fracturing and its collective adverse impacts to the environment and to human health.

..His creative methods of using official state data in public debates have the industry and the state calling him the ‘bane of the industry.’ He says:’ if the state and the industry says the data is wrong, that’s ok too, because it’s their data.’

Among some of his research projects, he has proven that one of Colorado’s aquifers was contaminated by oil and gas development [see: The Case of Mr. Anderson's Contaminated Water Well and the Contamination of the Laramie-Fox Hills Aquifer]

"On or about October 22, 2009, Eddy Oil began casing repair operations on the Well, without providing advance notice to COGCC Staff and without prior approval of the Director. This casing repair effort failed. On October 26, 2009, Eddy Oil contacted COGCC Staff for plugging orders on the Well, due the failed casing repairs. Consequently, COGCC Staff gave verbal plugging orders and completed a Form 6, Notice of Intent to Abandon, on the Dupper #2 Well. Eddy Oil then plugged the Well pursuant to the verbal plugging orders."

[Furthermore]...numerous private water wells were contaminated, homes have been built on top of abandoned oil and gas wells that subsequently exploded, groundwater contamination occurs at a staggering rate, playgrounds have been built on-top of backfilled oil and gas industrial waste pits, millions of gallons of toxic chemicals have been spilled and never recovered from the environment and the data goes on and on…"(Source:

Part One 

Shane Davis explains how he became an activist against fracking, and  how hydraulic fracturing works.


Part Two 

The environmental devastation by hydraulic fracturing in Weld County, Colorado as a result of the 2013 Front Range Floods.

Part Three 

How the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission has failed to protect the citizens of Colorado from pollution by the Oil & Gas Industry.