Monday, September 16, 2013

COGCC Asks to Report Damaged or Floating Tanks

"The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is setting up a clearinghouse to log the status of every well and operation, said Matt Lepore, the commission's executive director". ~ Denver Post,  Colorado and Industry working to assess damage in flooded oil fields

Marc Morton, the Local Government Liaison for Western Colorado of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission sent this email to liaisons in affected areas:
We are sending this e-mail to County and Municipal LGDs/local governments in areas affected by the recent flooding event in northeast Colorado that may be experiencing, or have observed potential environmental issues at oil and gas well sites or associated oil and gas facilities.

Please note that Oil and Gas operators and COGCC staff are already on the ground assessing impacts, but we welcome input from local governments and other sources (the general public, the media, or other organizations). Basically. we are seeking your input to inform us at COGCC of any specific incidents or observations at oil or gas facilities that you may be aware of, and believe may warrant inspection by COGCC staff and or Oil and Gas operators due to environmental concerns.

Please Report Oil and Gas Well/Facility Issues Related to Flooding. Send an email to: 
  • Your Name and Phone Number 
  • Location of the Concern (e.g nearest crossroads, section, township, range). 
  • Describe your concern (tanks, wells, pipelines, etc.). 
  • If you have pictures, please attach them to your email.
  • This e-mail address will be frequently monitored for new submittals.

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