Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Greeley School Board Uses Kid Gloves for Extraction OIl

Just watch for ten minutes to see how the Greeley District Six Board of Education plays nice with Extraction Oil regarding the proposed (and now approved) 24 wells near one of their elementary schools, Bella Romero. Their letter expresses hope that the project is delayed so a traffic study could be done first, but Vice President Steve Hall wanted to scratch that one. And, board member John Haefeli wanted to add some niceties/appreciation to the letter that requested that the Weld County Commissioners ask Extraction Oil for a mitigation, namely of putting a sidewalk in along Cherry Avenue where most of the fracking traffic would pass. 

Of course, we now know it will not happen. According to the article in the Greeley Tribune, Weld County Commissioner Barb Kirkmeyer "said she wouldn't consider it". Click here to jump to the pertinent part in the video. Here is the whole video in case you can stand listening to it all.


  1. Terrible that the school board so blatantly puts money over the lives of children

  2. Who Do They represent?
    Even after all of the publicity regarding death and destruction of family's and property, Including the death of workers, they still seem to not understand the true possibility of a catastrophic event. Even if one supports oil/gas development it is behooving to consider the possibility of a major mishap. More praise of an industry than content fitting a governing body overseeing the health and well being of children.