Monday, April 21, 2014

Mineral Resources Pulls Out Near Frontier,... For Now!

A note from Greeley City Planner Mike Garrott 

"..Mineral Resources has formally withdrawn the South Greeley Directional Project... [T]he hearing will not occur tomorrow [April 22nd] as scheduled. 
If they choose to move forward with another application in the future, they will be required to submit a new application in its entirety."  
This is good news indeed, but Mineral Resources keeps lurking in the background, and the concern for future drilling remains! I just read the following on the Facebook page (FPG) of concerned Frontier parents:

"FPG has been receiving a lot of emails of concern regarding the Tribune article just released. I spoke with Brad Mueller (City of Greeley) and he confirmed Mineral Resources plans on refiling a new application...
This statement is from Tyler Richardson in the email sent to the city withdrawing the proposal.

"...Mineral Resources will explore the concept of altering the configuration of the proposed use in order to increase the distance to the southerly property line of Frontier Academy to a minimum of 1000 feet. If the reconfiguration approval cannot be accomplished, we will reapply under the original USR criteria." . 

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