Thursday, December 5, 2013

Their Story is Your Story

"Their story is your story; even if you don't realize it yet"  

Compelling words for a compelling situation; namely that of the infiltration of Oil and Gas drilling by means of fracturing (fracking) within communities, close to your own backyards, and in some cases even in it against your wishes if you own the land but not the mineral rights! How fair is that?

Says farmer Rod Brueske in the trailer: 
"Our democracy is contaminated."

Watch, and read about the "Dear Governor Hickenlooper" campaign, started by residents in Patagonia, Colorado, and help raise awareness for their film project! 

"Does our system of self-government allow Americans to protect themselves from an industrial threat when the state and federal governments will not? Our short (12-15 minute) film explores this question through the lens of Longmont, Colorado. We are making the film to help a nonpartisan political campaign called “Dear Governor Hickenlooper.” 
The campaign, launching in May 2014, is designed to pressure Colorado's governor to restrict or ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of gas wells across Colorado. The question we’re considering—whether Americans can control their destiny at home—cuts across political, economic, social and ethnic boundaries. 
In 2012 citizens of the small city of Longmont voted to ban tracking inside city limits. The state of Colorado, asserting that Longmont had overstepped its authority, sued the city to overturn the fracking ban. If the state wins, then fracking will continue to expand rapidly across Colorado and America. If the city wins, communities will have a potent legal tool with which to draw a “keep out” sign for industry.  
Since the lawsuit was filed, several other Colorado communities voted to ban fracking, temporarily or permanently, in November 2013. These citizens, believing the government has let them down, are taking matters into their own hands to protect their air, water and health. The Longmont tracking ban vote precipitated a showdown with oil and gas interests—a legal battle years in the making. Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission v. City of Longmont is a legal test case. 
It will determine whether citizens can use the Constitution to defend themselves against industrial practices they believe to be dangerous to them, their children, and their land. It reaches beyond Colorado and beyond fracking to Americans’ deepest sense of self-determination. Our intent is to produce a short film that does the same thing."
 Source: The Powers Not Delegated

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Conny! I encourage readers who like what we're doing to click on the source link to support the project. We have an ambitious funding goal (but hey, we're giving out some cool schwag, too!).

    Hal Clifford, Producer