Monday, July 22, 2013

Mayor Says:"Fracking issue is separate from Use by Special Review".

No, it isn't!  Not when gas wells, and their accompanying condensate tanks, flares and separators are planned near houses, parks and nature trails! The mayor said it more than once, perhaps to justify his decision to allow gas wells in Fox Run. Council member Donna Sapienza tried justifying hers too when, after the vote and a short break in proceedings, she murmured to councilman Mike Finn beside her:
"I'm really threatened by them, but it was easier than I thought it would be, but..what I did to think this through, was the constant off topic stuff, but that was their point."
No, the point people tried to make at the special hearing on May 7th, is that drilling operations, and the production process of gas and oil, pose a hazard to people's health. An industrial site with hazardous substances, and waste products has no place in a residential area, and Greeley's 2020 Comprehensive Plan, "the official tool used to express a community vision.." certainly points to that: with these goals:
“Assuring the development of a safe and pleasant community; improving the visual appeal of the community;..[to] Disallow high impact agricultural and heavy industrial land uses that generate obnoxious influences, such as noise, fumes, or hazards." 

The amended version valid till 2060, states on page 8: 

“Quality of life” of a community takes into account... the image and visual appearance of the community"
And, on page 16: 
1 Seek economic growth in business sectors which maintain quality environmental practices which improve the area’s image and appeal (see also EC2C1a and EN5G3) 
2 Develop strategies to disallow, discourage and/or mitigate impacts from businesses unsuitable for an urban environment, or which produce a product or service which significantly detracts from the local image or quality of life and deters community investment (see also LU1C2)

With those guidelines/directives it is only right and logical, to deny placement of gas wells within residential areas, or where people and children spend time outdoors such as schoolyards, parks, and nature trails.


  1. When will Greeley's mayor and council members start representing the citizens concerns that they elected them to do???

    1. When we get a New Mayor & Replace the council because He will Never Change !