Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

Our Weld County Commissioners, featured in an ad in our city's 'Greeley Unexpected' brochure, with a 74 million dollar check for '2012 Ad Valorem Taxes', received from one of many Oil and Gas companies drilling in our county.

Do they not care, or care to know, what the land looks like after putting in thousands of wells?
This is a bird's eye 'Google Map' view of farm land east of Gill.

It looks a lot like the desecration of our public lands

Greeley seems like an oasis among the encroachment of gas wells, but no longer is. 

We already have over 425 wells within city limits, but 1000 more are planned! This gas condensation tank, painted a 'nice' sand color to make it blend into its surroundings, "to make it more visually appealing" as a Tribune reporter wrote, may look harmless but it emits so-called VOCs 24/7 which can negatively affect the health of those living near it. 

So, here's to an unhealthy future to 'each and everyone of us'! Cheers!

Unless, of course,......we demand a stop to it!!

Contact Air Weld and Water, an information clearinghouse, advocate for health and safety, and a community organizing tool for citizens of Weld County, Colorado in relation to oil and gas development in the county.

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  1. Please tell me where is the 74 million being spent?