Letter to the Editor

I was not impressed when I attended a recent Garfield County Commissioner's meeting to discuss the upcoming air quality rules. Last time I checked, I thought our county commissioners were supposed to represent the people that elected them into office. But, by making a stand against the new air quality standards they are certainly not looking out for the best interests of their residents.

 The coalition of Garfield, Mesa, Moffat, Rio Blanco, and Montezuma Counties claim they support strong regulation of oil and gas operations, but their actions prove differently as they submit statements to the Air Quality Control Commission. Their decision to not support these rules puts the health of our families in danger and I find it appalling to know our leaders aren’t doing their best to help these strong rules make it across the finish line.

There are facts, numbers, and science that back up each regulation in the submitted rules. Our elected leaders can no longer ignore the hard facts, and instead should devote their energy to passing solid air quality rules that will maintain our clean air, good health, and strong economy. As I mentioned in my comments to the Commissioners, no one deserves to get sick in their home from air pollution.

The benefits to our public health and quality of life far outweigh any costs to industry. I urge the Air Quality Control Commission to stand strong and protect those of us living in the gaspatch and on the western slope as much as those living in the suburbs of Denver. We deserve to breathe the same clean air.

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